About Us

General Information about International Chartered World Learned Society


The Oxford Dictionary defines Learned, “(of a person) having acquired much knowledge through study”.

Surely, therefore, this definition is the reason for us to select Learned People all over the world  to be included in this international distinction of Internationally Chartered World Learned Society which is  incorporated under the laws of the government and filed at the office of the Secretary of the first state in America (State of Delaware) of United States of America which is due for award individual learned people all over the world because the world are beneficiaries of their  remarkable knowledge.

International Chartered World Learned Society is a Worldwide Independent Organization, Self-governing, Pan Discipline Educational Charity according to the European Convention on the Recognition of the Legal Personality of International Non-Governmental Organization. It is Internationally Chartered Incorporated under the Laws of 1776 of the United States of America and filed at the Office of the Secretary of the First State in America (State of Delaware) with Chartered File Number 5705811.

It provides public benefits including Expert scholar’s advice on variety public issue related to Sciences, Engineering, Health Sciences, Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences and so on.

The Society draws up considerable strength of distinguished scholars all over the world. It is the first International Scholarly Academy aim to establish itself both as recognized International Representative of the world and as a source of authoritative scholarly critical comment and advice on political issue affecting education worldwide.

Our Philosophy

The Mission of International Chartered World Learned Society is to:

  • Celebrate and encourage excellence in all of the Scholarly Disciplines including the Professions, Industry and Commerce, Arts, Public Service and so on.
  • Promote the advancement of learning, scholarship, dissemination and appreciation of results of academic enquiry and research.
  • Act as an independent source of Expert Scholar’s advice and commentary on matters affecting the well-being of the world and its people.

The Vision of International Chartered World Learned Society is:

  • To create an academic excellence by well-articulated international academic programme that will produce creative and innovative mind thereby helping to set the highest international academic standards in scholarship and research.
  • To foster the knowledge and capability of its people for the future of advanced society.